Order! Order! Verdant Gin Wins Tender to Supply Gin to the House of Commons.

The House of Commons has awarded Dundee distillery, Verdant Spirits, the contract to be their sole supplier of a House of commons Gin with a special edition of their award-winning spirit. Verdant Spirits will not only provide their gin but will also deliver expert training and tastings for the House of Commons team and members.

Verdant Dry Gin is distilled in small batches in a 500-litre pot still, embodying the spirit of its home city, Dundee, with the highest quality ingredients sourced globally reflecting the shipping and trading heritage of the city.

Why ‘Verdant’? Well, in one sense, the word conjures up an image of lush green plants and botanicals - the heart of a fine gin. But to those who know Dundee the word is also synonymous with its jute and weaving industry, encapsulating the spirit of the city and a flourishing gin business within it.

Welcome to Dundee's First Distillery for Almost 200 Years

“Come in, come in, its nice to see you
Hows yoursel' you 're looking grand
Tak' a seat and ha' e a drammie”

Little did I know when I moved to Dundee that the man who once owned the house I bought, John Sharp, was the man that built the engine house of Edward Street Mill in 1895. Many years later, when I first set eyes on this little complex of buildings, and saw John Sharp's name at the top of the title deeds, I knew it would be the perfect home for Verdant Spirits. 

Now, after two and a half years of planning, building work, recipe development, packaging design and, oh, lots of red tape, I’m delighted to announce the launch of our first product - Verdant Dry Gin.

I very much hope you will enjoy it as much as we do, and will share our journey of producing a new range of craft spirits that build on the city’s rich industrial and international heritage.  Andrew Mackenzie - Founder and Managing Director