Come in, come in, it’s nice to see you.
Hows yoursel’ you ‘re looking grand
Tak’ a seat and ha’ e a drammie.

Signature Drinks

Verdant pink Gin cosmopolitan

The cosmopolitan sprang to life in the 80’s but can trace its family tree right back to the gin gimlet, and even further to the classic “Daisy’’.

Verdant Light Rum Caipirinha

Often described as a ‘Brazilian Mojito’ the Caipirinha is almost the national cocktail of Brazil.

Verdant Dry Gin breakfast martini

The signature cocktail of the legendary bartender Salvatore Calabres, the breakfast martini is a truly decadent way to start your day – or to drink at any other time

Verdant Spirits


Yes, I am of legal age and love gin and rum.

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