The Spirit of Dundee

Verdant Spirits

Verdant Spirits produce the first and only gin distilled in Dundee.

Dundee is a city buzzing with passion and creativity. Combining that fervour with the city’s industrial and historic spirits trade, Verdant has continued the City’s entrepreneurial spirit in the creation of our award-winning gin.

Verdant Spirits

Edward Street Mill, home to Verdant Sprits, has a rich background as the former engine house to John Sharp’s ‘Jute Empire’ and is where our award winning Verdant Dry Gin is created.

I am sure you will enjoy our gin as much as we do and join us on our exciting journey as we continue to produce a new range of craft spirits that build on the city’s rich industrial and international heritage.

Andrew Mackenzie – Founder and Managing Director

Why ‘Verdant’?

The word conjures up an image of lush green plants and botanicals – the heart of a fine gin. But to those who know Dundee the word is also synonymous with its jute and weaving industry, encapsulating the spirit of the city and a flourishing gin business within.

Our emblem depicts the memorial beacon on top of Dundee Law, the extinct volcano around which Dundee has grown… a favourite spot to appreciate the views across the city, the Tay and beyond.

Producers of Premium Craft Spirits

Verdant Spirits

The brief we set ourselves for our first expression was to create a modern yet classic gin. A smooth, sophisticated spirit that is equally refreshing served on its own, with tonic, or at the heart of a vibrant cocktail.

The result is a gin with top notes of juniper and bright citrus, balanced with a global blend of botanicals. These flavours reflect Dundee’s maritime history as one of the most well-connected seaports in Great Britain. Together they combine to give a uniquely distinctive balance and flavour to our Verdant Dry Gin.

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    Signature Drinks

    Verdant pink Gin cosmopolitan

    The cosmopolitan sprang to life in the 80’s but can trace its family tree right back to the gin gimlet, and even further to the classic “Daisy’’.

    Verdant Light Rum Caipirinha

    Often described as a ‘Brazilian Mojito’ the Caipirinha is almost the national cocktail of Brazil.

    Verdant Dry Gin breakfast martini

    The signature cocktail of the legendary bartender Salvatore Calabres, the breakfast martini is a truly decadent way to start your day – or to drink at any other time

    Verdant Spirits


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